How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to iPhone

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 iPhone News

Apple iOS want to open a map or an increase in public transportation information

This week, Apple's a recruitment message caught everyone's attention, is displayed in the message, Apple needs a software engineer, and founder of the recruitment team is Roting Maps department, and wrote in the recruitment requirements, candidates need to fully understand the public traffic, which means that Apple is likely to want to increase public transport information service on the map.

Apple in China, using a high moral map, the user inputs a destination, the map can only give driving directions and walk out of line, if you want to get more information, you must turn the job Skip to other applications. Due to the poor user experience, navigation is not accurate, users mostly use a third-party mapping applications. Apple rival Google Maps application to create a shift is very convenient and efficient, especially the Street View allows users wherever they can quickly become familiar with the terrain, in addition to simply enter a destination, Google can give a variety of transfer programs, from point of view, Google is more than one step ahead of Apple.

Presumably Apple is finally hang of it, even if the basic functions are doing well also talk about the user experience? Prior to the map problems caused by the project leader to leave the events have occurred. Currently Apple has announced the 2015 WWDC conference time, we also expect Apple to be able to give users when a new map application.


How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to iPhone

I don't think it's technically possible to transfer apps between 2 different mobile OS. Files like videos, audios, photos and contacts can be transferred from Android to iOS. How to Transfer apps from Samsung to iPhone?

There are many interesting and practical apps designed for Android users so as to convenient their life. Weather forecast app, for example, enables them to wear suitable clothes according to the forecast. Also, translation app empowers them to look up the words that you don't know with the help of this software especially if you are learning a foreign language. It would be better if there's any possible way for Android users to transfer those apps from their Samsung galaxy phone to iPhone 6/6 Plus/7. How? Transferring apps from Samsung to iPhone mobile phone, or sharing apps with family members, is quite easy with Mobile Transfer software tool.


How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch Mobile Transfer
To begin with, download Mobile Transfer on your computer and launch it. You will see the main interface as below.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung and iPhone Devices to the Program
Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone and iPhone tab to the program via their USB cables. The transfer tool will immediately display them at "Source" and "Destination" respectively. Change the places by clicking "Flip" if they are wrongly displayed.

Step 3. Check Apps needed to Move and Start Transfer Process
In the contents window, you are provided apps, contacts, text messages, call logs etc to copy between Samsung Galaxy phone and iPhone 6/6 Plus. Mark "Apps" or some other contents you want then. Press on "Start Copy" button and wait for the transfer process now.


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  1. How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to iPhone? Usually, the app is release by iOS and Android version. If you want to transfer Apps from Samsung to iPhone, such mobile transfer program is also helpful.