How to Transfer iPhone 4S Pictures to Computer

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iOS News

Apple's new patent: special metal materials do not block the signal

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus addition to the camera bulge, most people (Virgo / OCD) intolerable than the back of the two "vaginal discharge", and they are made in order to ensure the wireless signal helpless compromise because Even ugly point than the "antenna" iPhone 4 on much better.(How to Transfer iPhone Files Data to Computer for Backup)

Of course, Apple certainly do not want this way, is actively seeking to make the wireless signal can pass through a metal material way.

The information USPTO latest disclosure, Apple has developed a new fake anodized metal materials, look and feel are almost identical and the iPhone 6, but will not block the transmission of wireless signals.

Apple several patents mentioned production methods, such as non-capacitive layer covered on the metal oxide layer, such as an imitation of the first metal oxide layer is formed, then covered with a non-layer capacitor.

We do not know when Apple will this new material for the iPhone, but there is always hope.

In addition, the new MacBook notebook fuselage almost all metals, but is very dependent on the wireless connection, and there is no interference. Apple may also draw on this technology to the iPhone.

How to Transfer iPhone 4S Pictures to Computer

It is no doubt that iPhone is a wonderful photo player. You can download the perfect pictures via iTunes. However, when you sync the pictures back to your computer, have you ever managed to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer without data lost? So, here is a terrific program called iPhone Transfer.
What impressed iPhone user most is that iPhone Transfer can help sync music from iPhone to computer without data loss. And it is easy to operate. You are able to copy the lyrics along while transferring the photos.
iPhone Transfer - Your best iPhone photo transfer.

To protect your fond pictures, read the following guide to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer. It will be able to transfer photos without damage. Then guide below is based on Windows PC version. Steps are similar to each other on Mac version.


Easy steps to transfer iPhone pictures to computer:

For Preparation: Pre-install iTunes for iPhone Transfer to fully function. Install iPhone Transfer for the right version to continue.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer

The program will automatically recognize your iPhone, and your iPhone device info will show on the panel. On the left side there are different Contents on your iPhone.

Step 2: Export your iPhone photos to computer

On the left column, choose "Media" content, all your music will display on the main panel. Choose whatever photos you would like to transfer to your computer by marking the checkbox in front of the photos. Tick the little checkbox on the very top to select all photos at once. Select from the top menu bar "Export to" > "Export to My computer", and then browse a path on your drive to save them onto computer. The transfer will start and finish in a while.

Download and install iPod Transfer to transfer your music from iPod to computer within several clicks.


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iPhone 6s Release: 7 Things to Expect This Fall

With the WWDC 2015 keynote a thing of the past, many consumers have now turned their attention to the next iPhone, a device that’s currently dubbed iPhone 6s. With iPhone 6s rumors set to explode, we want to take a look at a few things we expect from the iPhone 6s release this fall.

On Monday, Apple executives took the stage to outline several new products including OS X El Capitan for Mac, iOS 8.4 for iPhone and iPad, and the brand new iOS 9 update that will replace iOS 8.4 later on this year. The company did not, however, announce a new iPhone. Not that that was surprising.

Rumors leading up to WWDC pegged the iPhone 6s launch for a date much later in the year and Apple confirmed those rumors with a focus on iOS and OS X during the event. Its absence at WWDC doesn’t mean that it’s not on the way though.

iPhone 6s rumors have been flying around for awhile now and it’s clear that Apple is working hard on a successor, or successors, to last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6s rumors have hinted at two devices, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, as the new 2015 iPhone models. And while that’s not confirmed, many consumers have their eyes on these rumors.
(Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from 4S/5 to iPhone 6S)

We fully expect iPhone 6s rumors to heat up once we enter the summer and ahead of that avalanche, we want to help set your expectations. Today, we take a look at a few things we expect from the iPhone 6s release which almost certainly will come this fall.
An iPhone 6s Release This Fall

The first thing to expect is an iPhone 6s release date in the fall rather than in the summer.

When Apple announced iOS 9 on stage, it confirmed a release for the fall. New iOS software always emerges alongside new iPhone hardware so there’s reason to believe that we’ll see the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus emerge at the same time.

You should expect Apple to release both models, if there are two models, on the same day at the same time. We’d also expect the iOS 9 release date to land a few days before the iPhone 6s release date.
September 18th or September 25th

We’d expect the iPhone 6s release date to fall on one of two days. Either September 18th or September 25th. Apple likes to release its new iPhones on Friday and it likes to release its new iPhones in the month of September. September 23rd also just so happens to be the start of the fall.

iPhone 6s release rumors have hinted at an early release, perhaps in August, but those have been dispelled by more credible sources. Anything is possible but at this point there’s no reason to expect Apple to push the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (both best sellers) out early.
Familiar iPhone Carriers

We expect the iPhone 6s, whatever it is, to land for the same carriers that always get the iPhone each and every year.

That means an AT&T iPhone 6s, a T-Mobile iPhone 6s, Sprint iPhone 6s, Verizon iPhone 6s, U.S. Cellular iPhone 6s, and an iPhone 6s on a number of regional and pre-paid U.S. carriers.(How to Recover Lost Contacts from iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 9)

We haven’t seen any relationships deteriorate in 2015 or any major carriers close up shop so there’s no reason to believe that the 2015 iPhone will head anywhere else. The iPhone is a popular device and carriers will shell out to get it.
iPhone 6s Pre-Orders

We expect Apple to once again offer pre-orders for the iPhone. It was extremely out of character for the company to ditch pre-orders during the iPhone 5s release. We still aren’t sure why the company held back iPhone 5s pre-orders though some believe it had to do with supply yield and quite possibly Touch ID. The iPhone 5s was the first phone to offer the fingerprint sensor.

Last year, the iPhone 6 Plus supply chain was under extreme duress but the company still managed to get it out on time and with pre-orders to boot. We haven’t heard anything, at least not yet, that points to massive strain for the iPhone 6s so until we do, you should expect Apple to offer early orders for this year’s model. It’s the right thing to do and Apple likes pleasing its customers.
The Usual Circus

Expect the usual iPhone release circus.

Expect some iPhone 6s models to sell out extremely quickly. The low storage gray models are usually the quickest to sell out and we don’t expect anything different from the iPhone 6s. It’s rumored to have the same three colors plus rose gold.

Expect Apple Stores and retailers to open early on the iPhone 6s release date. And expect spectacle. Apple’s Watch release may not have had that star power but Apple’s retail chief has made it clear that the company will continue with its “blockbuster” launch date approach.

If you want to buy this phone and get it on day one, you’re almost certainly going to have to pre-order. And if you don’t pre-order, be prepared to line up a bit early outside a store on the iPhone 6s release date.
Lineup Changes

We expect there to be some changes to Apple’s current iPhone lineup. Apple won’t be able to charge a premium on year old phones so the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will have to go somewhere. Maybe they drop down into $99 and $199 slots, maybe Apple gets rid of them altogether.

We’d expect the iPhone 5s to stick around in some capacity if Apple doesn’t announce a new 4-inch iPhone 6s like someone think they might. There will be changes to accommodate this year’s new iPhones and we’re confident that we’ll see price cuts on current models. If not at Apple then at the various retailers that stock the iPhone.(How to Download iOS 9 On Your iPhone or iPad)
Fewer Options

Expect there to be fewer iPhone 6s options upon release.

AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega has gone on record saying that two year contracts are a thing of the past andApple is no longer selling the AT&T iPhone 6 on two year contract. It’s possible that we’ll see other iPhone models join in later this year.

At the very least though, expect this new policy to extend to the AT&T iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as the carrier looks to keep pace with T-Mobile and drive customers to its AT&T Next plans.


Transfer iPhone Data to Computer/Mac for Backup (Contacts, Videos, Photos, SMS, Whatsapp Data)

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Part 2: Transfer iPhone Data to Computer/Mac for Backup
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iOS News

Apple smart home supporters will be compatible HomeKit Hue

Philips announced that its Hue lighting products will be compatible with Apple HomeKit smart home platform, and detailed information will be announced in September upgrade. In addition, Philips said it would help existing users to upgrade their systems, but did not say this upgrade through software or firmware.

Philips Hue bulbs controller via an Ethernet connection to the router, users can use applications developed by Philips bulb connected router control, but also can control access from the Philips website. Philips To be compatible HomeKit system must meet some requirements on the hardware. Philips is only with a simple firmware upgrade to meet these requirements, or you need to buy a new adapter, let us wait and see. Currently, Philips only tell us in September will provide more detailed information.How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer/Mac for Backup)

Transfer iPhone Data to Computer/Mac for Backup

Sometimes, iPhone users wonder how to transfer contacts, videos, messages, whatsapp chat history, photos from Windows or Mac to iPhone in an effective and easy way. There are many reasons for iPhone users to data from computer to my iPhone. For example, people deleted their iPhone data unintentionally, want to share their photos, videos or other data with their friends or family, or sent the downloaded picture from PC to their iPhone for the purpose of fun.

When syncing contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, whatsapp data from PC to iPhone, iTunes might come to your mind first. However, by the time using iTunes, it will erase the previous photos in Photo Library on your iPhone. That’s terrible, isn’t it? According to this situation, the iPhone Data Transfer (Window) or iPhone Data Transfer (Mac) can help solve this problem.

Phones are originally used to connect with others, so contacts play a great importance in phones. How to backup iPhone data to your computer for further use? For those iphone users, iPhone Data Transfer may be good tool. To transfer a list of numbers, it just takes you few minutes.

iPhone Data Transfer, which can help copy data between iPhone and computer, but is not just for contacts, lots of data can be transferred with iPhone Data Transfer, like contacts, photos, videos, songs and SMS, etc.


Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

First of al, install and run the iPhone Data Transfer software on the computer, and them use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer. After connected, the software will detected your iPhone automatically and show you a main interface as below.

Step 2 Backup your iPhone data to iTunes or PC As you can see, all the transferable content are displayed in the left sidebar of the primary window, tap the one to preview the detail files on the right and choose those what you want to backup them to your computer, just click “Export to” at the top and choose the save path.

Besides, you can also directly click “To iTunes” in the main interface to one-click transfer your music, playlists, videos, Podcasts, audiobooks, artworks, etc. to iTunes directly.


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iOS 9 new features: not carry a cell phone to answer the phone with a computer


iOS 9 new features: not carry a cell phone to answer the phone with a computer

SINA Mobile News June 12 morning news, the latest release of iOS 9 system, the continuous exchange (Continuity) function has been strengthened, it allows the use of iOS devices or Mac computers between 3G or 4G data network connection to each other, such as phone at home to answer the phone with a computer company.
(How to install iOS 9 On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

Continuous exchange (Continuity) function is a new feature of Apple's iOS 8 added to the system, which allows direct collaboration between iOS devices or Mac computers, such as to call when the phone rang and the iPad together, or open a web page using a mobile phone, the computer will pop up, reminding the user to watch on the big screen open, but use this feature with the proviso that all the equipment needed in the same local area network (equipment model is also required, not too old).

Recover Lost iPhone Contacts after iOS 9 Upgrade(http://ios-9-data-recovery.blogspot.com/)

In the latest release of iOS 9, the second function has been upgraded, it has supported the use of 3G / 4G data network connection, iPhone or iPad is no longer necessary with the Mac in the same LAN, on the other device can use the same iCloud account data network connection .

Imagine, a usage scenario would be: If, after your phone at home, the company can use a Mac or iPad to answer the call.

This behavior is not look familiar? Facetime video calls when just on the line, have restrictions must have a WiFi network, and later began to support data network connection.

But operators of this feature may be limited to this function (because it is not a call under the GSM network), the current operators T-Mobile has been determined that began in July test support under continuous data network interworking function, but only the United States, rest of the world is not can not know.

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Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from 4S/5 to iPhone 6S



Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from 4S/5 to iPhone 6S

Part 1: iPhone 6S
Part 2: Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from 4S/5 to iPhone 6S
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iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S further exposure: turned out to be double rear camera

iPhone 6S really want to use the dual cameras?
Given Taiwan's electronics Times news that Apple intends to introduce Altek developed dual camera system for smart phones.

Mentioned in the report, Altek spokesman stressed that consideration for the next generation of Apple iPhone with dual camera systems, so they believe the iPhone will lead the new trend of high-end phones.
In fact, before there was news said, iPhone is likely to use dual cameras, but we all sounds too fake, after all, Apple is not so radical, but now the problem that, iPhone's camera performance is no longer much of an advance.
You can think that Apple 8 million pixel camera has eaten quite enough, if the dual 800-megapixel camera, it seems nothing can not ah. Before the news shows, iPhone 6S is possible to use 12 million pixel camera.
But the question is, if so, dual camera design also is raised, it is much more ugly ah.

Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from 4S/5 to iPhone 6S

I have bought myself a new iPhone 6S recently. But I can't copy some valuable data, like whatsapp chat history, photos and songs from my old one, iPhone 4s to my new iPhone 6S. I tried iTunes to help me but failed. Now I am asking for a transfer tool between iPhones so that I can sync whatsapp chat history on my old iPhone to the new iPhone 6S with ease. Can anybody do me a favor? I am looking for your help eagerly! Thanks in advance! Do you switch old iPhone 4S to a pretty new iPhone 6S ,iPhone 6S Plus, and look for a solution to sync your data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone? Well, I can tell you it is very easy. This article will show you how to sync your data between iPhones with Phone to Phone Transfer.


Switch Data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone just in one Click by Phone to Phone Transfer.

Step 1: Launch Phone to Phone Transfer

Install the iTunes and powerful Phone to Phone Transfer on PC. You are able to see two modes through the primary window. To move data between iPhones, you ought to choose the mode which is "Phone to Phone Transfer" and then click Start.

Step 2: Connect both old iPhone & new iPhone to the PC

Connect both your 2 iPhones to the PC by plugging into the Apple USB cables. Phone to Phone Transfer will detect 2 iPhones quickly and show you the transfer window of iPhone to iPhone.

Step 3: Transfer Whatsapp chat history from S4/5 to iPhone 6S

Click the start copy to transfer the phone whatsapp data as you wish. You can see the progress of the transfer in the dialog of pop-up. The whole process will take a few minutes. Your new iPhone will have the same data with your old one when it is finished.


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