Apple Conference dark secret

[Abstract] last year, also in the day released a new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

From the beginning of this week, Apple will begin a continuous refresh. In addition to iPhone 6s and a series of new products unveiled its conference itself is also of concern.
From the invitations to the selected dates, from identifying sites to eggs conference on preparations for an Apple press conference is not a simple matter. In addition to the overwhelming prediction products, intellectual things (Public number: zhidxcom) want to talk about Apple at the press conference on the preparations for a few secrets.

Mysterious invitation

"Hey Siri, give us a hint (Hey Siri, give us a hint)", which is a few days after the launch of Apple left us hints.

According to previous news foreign media, Apple added a new Apple TV Siri voice assistant has almost a "virtual certainty", combined with earlier application on iPhone and Mac and other products, and this five years ago, Apple spent $ 200 million acquisition products are becoming the center of future Apple products interact. Associated with the Siri, Apple, or will add more localized services in the official version of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, and even rumors that China will be designed for users to upgrade the new font called "apple party".
Apple press conference invitation has always been talked about, among the most significant in this is perhaps the famous blue jeans.

September 2005, Apple introduced the first generation iPod nano, the song you want to fit in your pocket 1000 products and iTunes changed the music industry one, also opened a prelude to Jobs to change the world.

September 9 is a good day

This year Apple seems quite favor on September 9 last year, which is also in the day released a new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

Historically, Apple will usually fall in the new conference was held in September to select. 2008 and 2009, this date also in September 9th; 2010 is September 1, 2012 is 12 September. The exception is 2011, which was postponed to October 4. In 2013, Apple not only in the September 10 launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, still 42 days of October 22 held in the autumn of the second conference, added to the iPad Air, Retina version of the iPad mini and line upgrades MacBook.

In fact, many of Apple's product line, a few games a year to run the conference, including hardware products as the core and Special Event for developers and software levels WWDC (The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). The former are generally divided into two or three spring and autumn conference, the latter is held in June each year is fixed.

Centuries Bill Graham Civic Auditorium simple

In addition to Apple in Cupertino (Cupertino) headquarters, they have chosen their most conference held in San Francisco. Of course, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area as a whole, the core of the city, Google (microblogging), Intel and other technology giants have preference here.

However, Apple did not choose to publish the first generation iPhone and iPad "Queen venue" Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts), but chose Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium ʱ?? As the year Panama Pacific International Exhibition of the main exhibition hall, built in 1915, this landmark building just in this year celebrates its hundredth birthday. And after a series of transformation, which can accommodate up to 7,000 people, which is four times the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 1470 people.
For Apple, the conference site is not only a "capacity" problem, there are a lot of history.

Autumn conference on September 9 last year, the apple site is located in Flint Center in Cupertino (Cupertino) headquarters Dean Sa Academy (De Anza College Flint Center).

30 years ago, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) introduced here that is named "1984," the famous video advertising technology that was expressed for the industry, "Big Brother" IBM's challenge - let the people rather than the government or big companies to grasp, manipulate technology, so that ordinary people can become computer and instead of control people's lives.

In the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Jobs and Apple's other co-founder Steve Wozniak (Stephen Wozniak) was in April 1977 released Apple II. This product not only is Apple on the significance of the first complete computer, but also the vast majority of people come into contact with the first Apple computer, its famous Rainbow Logo is the first appearance of this product.

Conference site pop star?

Recently, the domestic mobile phone conference very willing to invite the actress to help out, in fact many of them are borrowed from Apple.

At WWDC in June, Apple released a new streaming music service Apple Music, and invited a famous band U2 to sing. The day's welfare, U2 band's new album "Songs of Innocence" will be available for free download at iTunes. According to Apple's official statistics, three days after the launch, the album downloads exceeded 200 million times, for the record industry, this is a staggering figure.

In this conference, Apple is also reportedly going to play this trick. Earlier foreign media reports, American country pop singer Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) or become part of the special guests. But because there are sources said the day trip is booking concert will be held in Houston, so who is going to play performed the final remains unknown.

Return Product

For Apple, the opening of a second better than the history of the conference and no suspense, but after the hustle and bustle of the market will eventually focus on the product itself.

From iPhone 6s to the new low-cost version of Apple TV and then to Golden Apple Watch, Apple apparently will bring a new product on the ticket this conference. However, this being Apple could bring us something different amazing it, we'll see.

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When the New iPhone On Sale this Year?

According to Apple over the years of the sale strategy, iPhone sale this year (hereinafter referred to as iPhone 6s) on the previous generation iPhone looks natural is not much change. And on the current exposure of the news of view, iPhone 6s did not seem worth the huge power upgrade in hardware. However, buying a new cell phone ring always advocated not buy the old. Well, there are reasons to be upgraded next-generation iPhone it?

I. Appearance

Familiar iPhone friends must know, according to Apple's strategy has always been. iPhone 6s with iPhone 6 is substantially uniform in appearance. The current exposure of the screen panel and the back shell also confirmed this. But with iPhone 5s release adds a new champagne color, like the rumored iPhone 6s will join this new rose gold color. If the above is true, presumably rose gold color will be big sellers. After all, do not come rose gold, how to go on the road with the iPhone 6 is the difference?

iPhone 6s equipped with the new A9 processor is a virtual certainty. Triple-core with 14nm process surely will bring performance and better power surge control. Here I must mention a small series, part of the fruit powder every year in hardware ridicule Android users, say Andrews so high profile but not as good as iPhone and smooth. In fact, these words wrong, after all, Apple iPhone mounted on each year, almost all the year's first-class hardware.

For those who love taking pictures of friends, iPhone 6s bring good news is that Apple has finally want to upgrade the camera pixels. Yes, although Apple With extraordinary optimization algorithm greatest advantage, but eight million pixels still hurt a lot of poor user's heart. In the mainstream Android phones have to kill 20 million camera today, Apple finally updated the camera. Although late for a long time, but working slowly and deliberately, surely Apple will not let you down.

Finally, I must mention is the killer feature Fouce Touch iPhone 6s on. The technology was first with Apple Watch popular in the world, provides a new idea for touch operation. By sensing the user presses so as to realize the intensity of different feedback, entirely black and Technology. This time, Apple uses Fouce Touch technology on the iPhone 6s, is bound to bring more convenience in operation.

Third, the purchase channels

We all know that hunger marketing, but do not know the phone ring in hunger marketing "carry forward" the vendor is Apple. Today, Apple is still in hunger marketing, but not as good as the previous is so obvious Bale. So over a period of time in accordance with established practice, after the release of the new machine, consumers must be very difficult to buy the new iPhone. I want to start, or honestly to find cattle go.

In contrast, this time iPhone 6 will have a great advantage. First, listed nearly a year of iPhone 6 this time must adequate supply. Moreover, since the release of the next generation of the new machine, so that must be the iPhone price drop of 6. Presumably cash-strapped consumers will not refuse. Of course, you may also feel bothered, after all iPhone 6 have been listed a year, in case of two mobile phones to buy refurbished machines how to do? Actually very simple, first you have to believe you pay for the truth, with the overall market price if the price is a wide gap between words, you can directly give up. Secondly, in order to ensure security, your best choice for well-known electronic business platform. One can guarantee the quality, and secondly, even if in a dispute, to resolve them more formal.

It can be seen from the upper, iPhone 6s contrast iPhone 6, mainly focused on improving the performance difference. So, if you are very concerned about the demand for mobile performance, it is an inevitable option to upgrade iPhone 6s. If you are more sensitive to price, and want to experience the iPhone, then the old iPhone 6 must be more in line with your appetite. In short, whether you choose Which, all do what we must remember, considering, finally will be able to select the most suitable machine.

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