Moving Contacts Messages Photos Videos Music Apps From Android To iPhone 6S

Part 1 iPhone News - iPhone 6S May Be Published In The Sept. 8

With the next-generation iPhone release date draws near, various messages on the network is so hot. If you are interested in buying this Apple's new machine, then take help of website PhoneDog latest 10 has leaked rumors of the iPhone 6S, take a look at the next generation iPhone have what upgrades and features.

Supports pressure-sensitive touch

As Apple's upcoming next-generation iPhone, iPhone 6s primary upgrade will be equipped with the latest iOS 9 system is clearly no suspense; secondly, the aircraft owned by the Touch ID fingerprint recognition will become more accurate and more efficient, this point in KGI analyst Kuo Ming-pool has been mentioned in published reports indicating iPhone 6s will use better Touch ID, can enhance the experience of Apple Pay, and can reduce identification errors.

As for the third point iPhone 6s added sucked major upgrade from the pressure-sensitive touch feature Apple Watch, and allegedly iOS 9 system will be optimized for the special features iPhone 6s, while efforts will be based on the size of the touch bring diverse experience, such as video playback when Press firmly on the touch screen, and so it is possible to fast-forward.

Powered by A9 chip processor

The fourth major upgrade of the iPhone 6s will carry the new A9 processor, not only will further enhance performance, but also outstanding performance in terms of power consumption. At the same time according to Taiwan media reports that, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with the A9 processors it has been mass production stage, jointly by Samsung and TSMC foundry. Among these, the Samsung 14nm production process is relatively mature, and has been applied in the GALAXY S6 processors, so A9 processor 70% of orders received has been Samsung, which means the first sale of iPhone 6s majority will A9 processor with Samsung's foundry.

iPhone 6s fifth point sucked upgrade memory capacity upgrade from 1GB to 2GB, it may be expected to get the same as iPad Air 2 dual operating functions. And because the apple is used LPDDR4 memory, so not only faster data transmission, and power consumption is better. However, the sixth point more reliable rumors iPhone 6s might disappoint you, because the aircraft in terms of resolution touch screen will remain unchanged.

Camera Upgrade

iPhone 6s rumors fly seventh point is the phone's touch screen size remains unchanged, it will also launch 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two versions. And for those who like taking pictures of friends, iPhone 6s rumors the eighth spot is worth the wait, the aircraft will reportedly give up ancestral 800-megapixel camera, and upgraded to 12 million pixels, and the possibility of using F / 1.8 Great iris lens. In addition, according to the message given by the Japanese media said, iPhone 6s Sony's camera sensor still provides, may also join the new RGBW sensor technology to support RGB white light, and has a faster AF speed.

iPhone 6s fly first 9:00 rumor is to provide more color choices, such as rose gold version will be available for female users, and allegedly existing Tyrant gold and gray version of the color of deep space will be deeper than in the past. As for the rumors of iPhone 6s of the tenth point is the alleged use stronger materials aluminum, in order to ensure that the phone will no longer appear to be bent easily breaking flaws, the specific material may be a higher level of 7000 series aluminum.

Part 2 Tutorial - How to Moving Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, Apps And Call Logs From One Android Phone To iPhone 6S

Rumors are always rumors, the next generation of iPhone in the end is what, we'll wait and see what happens. However, compared to these rumors, many users' desire that wanting to buy an iPhone 6S seem more realistic. Do you using Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motolora or other brand of Android phone, and you planning to buy a new iPhone 6S to replace the old phone? So, we guess that you must be interested in the methods of moving your data from one Android phone to iPhone 6S without spending too much time and energy, isn't it?

To easily switching tons of content like contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, music and Apps from Android to iPhone effective and secure, you need help of a professional phone data transfer tool, Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is an outstanding transferring tool that bring you lots of convenience:

1. No matter you use any phone model under any phone brand, so long as your phone runs iOS, Android or Symbian operating system, you can download Mobile Transfer on your computer.
2. Mobile Transfer is the excellent software that you can transfer the data that you like from your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your iPhone 5s with only two or three steps.
3. Data including contacts, call logs, videos, music, photos, text messages, apps are all transferrable if you choose Mobile Transfer.
4. Compatible with any Android and iOS devices, including iPhone 6S/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge Plus.

Since Mobile Transfer do so much good to us, it is highly recommended to have a try on Mobile Transfer on your computer.


Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer and I will show you the detail to use it.

Step 1 Launch the Mobile Transfer tool on your computer

After installing the Mobile Transfer, launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer and choose Phone to Phone Transfer section.

Step 2 Connect both phones to the PC

Now, use USB cables to connect both of your phones to the same computer. Your phones should be detect and place on the Source and Destination places. Make sure they are in the right places, otherwise, simply click Flip button to change their places.

Step 3 Transfer data from your Android phone to iPhone 6S

Check the data you wanted in the middle column, by default, all the content is checked. When everything is checked, tap Start Copy.

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