After loading a bunch of iPhone application really become excessive?

Have you ever wondered, iPhone later bought into the tens or even hundreds of applications, the weight of the phone is changed. Widely accepted human Marxist education, said: Stop it, data and information pertaining to awareness, how to have the weight (or should be called quality). Not to mention the so-called "information explosion," the amount of information generated every era has to be more than a few years old, when, according to this projection, the Earth would not be doubling the load?

This seems to be a joke circulating for a long time in the private sector, people have seen no problem. But the actual situation seems to laugh it off than themselves seem much more complicated, as the storage element data carrier when the data is not in the record in the event with a variety of change? Therefore, if the weight is also changing?

Data is the weight of it?

If we assume that the data and information is the weight, then the problem becomes very interesting, and our brains are recording a variety of information every day, so if more things in mind, the heavier weight (no wonder a lot of weight are learning Pa so heavy ...); and even a computer or iPhone in the boot state also should be more important than the fishes off when (because the memory and cache are more loaded a data).

To discuss whether or not the data itself has weight, nothing is going to examine the recorded data carriers, recording data in the future whether heavier. For example, on a piece of paper with a pencil to record information, from common sense, this piece of paper written word would theoretically be more important than the absence of written words. Especially the answer sheet, painted so much, is simply a lot of weight, okay?

Legendary punch will make the storage medium becomes lighter when recording information

But we can not come to record the information on the record carrier will make heavier conclusions, such as classical Calculator: abacus - This tool either cleared or used to represent a great figure, the weight is not change; and some may even allow recording quality lighter carrier, such as the legendary punch cards - it punched through the card record information, holes in different locations can express a variety of information. Punch cards can even be regarded as an early computer information input device. Think with the mind, we know that this recording can not make data record carrier becomes heavier. Visible data depends entirely on whether the weight of the recording data.

Computer stored data become excessive?
Understandably, when the problem is introduced into the recorded data mode, whether the iPhone will become re-install the application problems will be extended to all computing devices will allow the stored data if the device itself becomes heavier. And this problem can be further understood as actually, in the storage elements of a computing device after the data is recorded becomes heavy.

Vector computer for data storage is nothing more than a hard disk, hard disk to be discussed in stores software, music, movies, the future will become heavy, nothing is to examine the hard drive recording data. Today, computer hard drives used on mainstream categories, one of the traditional mechanical hard disk HDD and the other SSD.

Theoretically traditional mechanical hard drives generally does not occur after a change in the quality of the recorded information

Hard disk recorder and the human brain or data on paper writing, painting is not the same, such as a picture stored in the hard disk when the magnetic head is not on the hard disk to the picture out, but the lower recording numerous "0" and numerous "1", the 0 and 1 of the various types of data. Hard disk is the most basic questions need to think through what way to write 1 and 0 (or read 1 and 0).

Mechanical hard disk, the issue might be simpler: different internal magnetic material can be used to represent the direction of the magnetic poles 0 and 1. So in theory, only 0,1 expression in this way did not cause material losses and join. So whether it is stored 100GB of AV, or formatting emptied, mechanical hard drive is not necessary to consider fundamental changes in weight, and to understand the problem as understood by abacus to represent numbers the same.

But if you came to the world of SSD, the problem seems to be getting a bit complicated. iPhone storage element is used in NAND flash memory.

Red box is the iPhone 6 Plus flash, do you think it will become heavy load more applications after it?

It really is a very complex issue
Principle of NAND flash storage data and there is a fundamental different mechanical hard disk, such solid state storage medium storage unit for storing the course of these two values 0 and 1 in one, but in the gate of the transistor mode (i.e. storage injection unit) different number of electrons, the effect by changing the conduction of transistor gate conductive properties, to achieve the 0 and 1 of the recording and recognition.

To tell the people, so that when the iPhone stores data, the storage unit into the electronic storage media. But, this is not part of the electrical power supply, and the other electrons are transferred from the floating gate to the potential difference which exists inside the floating gate, this electron transfer and does not produce sounds like the added mass.

But the reality is more complicated, such as the theory of relativity to consider than the above right. Two states 0 and 1 NAND storage containing different energy level, energy is different in different states, there exists naturally poor quality - "Electrical and Electronics Engineers Association report (Proceedings of the IEEE)" 2013 September month article "Does information have mass" to explain the problem, and even specifically for weight change is different storage media to do testing, but the objective conditions of this test is not permitted to carry out, such as the heating medium after writing data, produce some lighter fluid effect; and, depending on the hardware design, this seems to be of poor quality is uncertain.

So far the human race on this issue do not have a clear proof of the way and the answer, in theory, this change is not necessarily the quality, just consider the different storage media has been a troublesome issue, and there is no experiment can be done the proof.

(After loading the application to ask whether the iPhone becomes heavy, as if asking abacus indicates whether heavier like a number, it is extremely difficult issue)

November 2011, a computer scientist at the University of California John Kubiatowicz calculated according to the quality of the mass of a single electron is roughly equivalent to the entire Internet, a strawberry. He even thought to add a new document when Kindle reader total weight will increase, although the quality is minimal. In fact as early as 2007, there have been explored literature data quality articles, but the above mentioned "Does information have mass" believe, to estimate the mass of the electron is not as strict.

Consequently, to investigate whether the application after installing iPhone will increase the weight of the problem appears to be too profound; but if you want to explore the very geeks go, everyone consider energy changes, then even struck abacus beads are counted among the gravitational potential energy changes; mechanical hard disk is magnetized process also releases heat, the information stored natural energy has changed. Weight change produced by these processes difficult to measure, but real. This could almost negligible internal fact not as iPhone into a huge amount of dust is more affected.


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  1. iPhone has a different structure as compared to the android phones. It supports better storage as well as recovery of the data. Changes in its tsructural elements will improve it.