iPhone 6s screen assembly more thick with mysterious chip

Earlier rumors that iPhone 6s Force Touch pressure will be equipped with touch technology, which will enable users to apply different intensity of the size, the device can appear on the screen to select a different reaction, but until now the information circulated on the Internet does not give a strong evidence. Now foreign media exposed a group MacRumors iPhone 6s screen Assembly picture, which shows it has some significant differences with the current iPhone 6 screen assembly.

From the figure we can see, the iPhone 6s screen assembly portion of a small rectangular chip, it is unclear that the chip's use. However, sources said that the chip is indeed associated with the Force Touch. The chip is placed in a hollowed out area is to put a chip after screen panels will be very smooth, but it will not add much thickness. It is noteworthy that, outside of the metal protective layer is not screwed, but in the right place sticky up.

The source also said, iPhone 6s than the iPhone 6 screen panels thicker screen panel To some, this change may be associated with the Forch Touch, which led to the device as a whole increased by 0.2 mm thickness.

Due to the thickness of the screen assembly growth, its weight will also increase slightly, this part of the alleged iPhone 6s weight 51.2 grams, compared to the same iPHone 6 plus front-facing camera and bracket, its weight is 49.4 grams. However, the increased weight of the screen assembly may receive compensation in the rear housing part, allegedly after the 6s shell is lighter than the iPhone 6 2 g.

Rumors that Apple will release the next generation iPhone on September 9, sites may be San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium). If Apple based upon the usual way to launch the new machine, then the iPhone 6s book series will open in September 11, and will be listed on September 18。

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  1. It looks like a good change. I’m sure it will help great in user experience with Apple and leave a good perception about this device.