How to Transfer iPhone 4S Pictures to Computer

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iOS News

Apple's new patent: special metal materials do not block the signal

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus addition to the camera bulge, most people (Virgo / OCD) intolerable than the back of the two "vaginal discharge", and they are made in order to ensure the wireless signal helpless compromise because Even ugly point than the "antenna" iPhone 4 on much better.(How to Transfer iPhone Files Data to Computer for Backup)

Of course, Apple certainly do not want this way, is actively seeking to make the wireless signal can pass through a metal material way.

The information USPTO latest disclosure, Apple has developed a new fake anodized metal materials, look and feel are almost identical and the iPhone 6, but will not block the transmission of wireless signals.

Apple several patents mentioned production methods, such as non-capacitive layer covered on the metal oxide layer, such as an imitation of the first metal oxide layer is formed, then covered with a non-layer capacitor.

We do not know when Apple will this new material for the iPhone, but there is always hope.

In addition, the new MacBook notebook fuselage almost all metals, but is very dependent on the wireless connection, and there is no interference. Apple may also draw on this technology to the iPhone.

How to Transfer iPhone 4S Pictures to Computer

It is no doubt that iPhone is a wonderful photo player. You can download the perfect pictures via iTunes. However, when you sync the pictures back to your computer, have you ever managed to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer without data lost? So, here is a terrific program called iPhone Transfer.
What impressed iPhone user most is that iPhone Transfer can help sync music from iPhone to computer without data loss. And it is easy to operate. You are able to copy the lyrics along while transferring the photos.
iPhone Transfer - Your best iPhone photo transfer.

To protect your fond pictures, read the following guide to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer. It will be able to transfer photos without damage. Then guide below is based on Windows PC version. Steps are similar to each other on Mac version.


Easy steps to transfer iPhone pictures to computer:

For Preparation: Pre-install iTunes for iPhone Transfer to fully function. Install iPhone Transfer for the right version to continue.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer

The program will automatically recognize your iPhone, and your iPhone device info will show on the panel. On the left side there are different Contents on your iPhone.

Step 2: Export your iPhone photos to computer

On the left column, choose "Media" content, all your music will display on the main panel. Choose whatever photos you would like to transfer to your computer by marking the checkbox in front of the photos. Tick the little checkbox on the very top to select all photos at once. Select from the top menu bar "Export to" > "Export to My computer", and then browse a path on your drive to save them onto computer. The transfer will start and finish in a while.

Download and install iPod Transfer to transfer your music from iPod to computer within several clicks.


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