There are six new iPhone most in need of improvement: the camera is not convex

Tencent Digital News (Ko) regardless of being called "iPhone 6s / 6s Plus" or "iPhone 7/7 Plus), a one-year update of the new iPhone should be nearing completion of the development, and even start testing. So, this year's new iPhone which will have new features, but it is most needed and what new elements? Tech Radar foreign media recently and aggregated through market research, take a look.

KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool recently predicted that the new iPhone is likely adopt Force Touch screen, such as Apple Watch general pressure sensitive screen operation can be achieved. At the same time, the new camera will be equipped with 12 million pixels. The conventional hardware upgrades include A9 processor, 2GB RAM, and Apple Watch also possess a gold version with a new "rose gold" color. Taking into account the recent forecast Kuo pool in iPhone is still very accurate, so that information also has some reference value.
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Then the user would like to see how the new iPhone it?

1. More compact body design

Whether iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, fuselage design compared to Android phones are not compact, embodied in the wide-screen frame up and down the space is large. Obviously, part of the handset narrow area, to reduce the size of the screen frame, for Apple is not a technical obstacle, so we hope Apple can re-mold design for better grip feel.

2. Better Battery Life

Users of the iPhone is still at the biggest criticism of battery life, and even willing to sacrifice some of the thickness of the body, in exchange for a longer endurance. However, the battery life iPhone 6 substantially coincides with 5s, iPhone 6 Plus although slightly better but still limited. I hope Apple can realize the importance of battery life this year.

3. no longer convex lens

Convex lens is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a design flaw, Apple seems to thin body and undermine the overall aesthetic. Related patent shows that Apple has developed a new lens module, through movable lens design, effectively reduce the thickness of the lens, which is obviously what we want to see on the new iPhone.

4. greater body strength

Rumors that Apple will use a higher strength 7000 aluminum alloy 6000 series products replace its predecessor on the new iPhone, solve the problem of the body easily bent. If the rumors are true, then the new iPhone will obviously be more durable, will be welcomed by consumers.

5. Improvement of software

While the big-screen iPhone Apple's record results, but in terms of experience, Steve Jobs will not be happy if alive. Due to increased screen area, the fuselage widened, iPhone 6 especially iPhone 6 Plus no one-handed operability, and so-called double touch Home of one-handed mode, almost as tasteless in general, because the underlying interface is completely'll is blocked, it can not operate properly. We want Apple to develop a better one-handed mode, and then to enhance the new iPhone's single-handed handling through compact design.

6. Cancellation 16GB models

Basically, 16GB of iPhone has been very sad, after all iOS increasingly large number of GB's big game is also very common. Apple last year canceled the 32GB iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, instead of to 64GB, which is a good thing, but to some extent also a means of forcing users to buy 64GB model. From the consumer's point of view, the use of 32GB 16GB is a better alternative form, after all, not everyone is a storage madman.

To sum up

Tech Radar in the survey data, the better the performance, the better the effect is to take pictures of the new iPhone user would like to see improved, and these are expected to achieve. As stereo speakers, lower prices, it seems difficult to achieve in the short term. All in all, the annual iPhone evolved almost become the focus of attention around the world, but Apple seems to focus more on the Cook era of marketing and ignore innovation, which is probably the biggest problem Apple needs to face.

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